Port City Pinball League

Every 2 months we will be hosting a league that lasts 6 weeks plus a finals. The format of the league night is 5 games of group match play. Each round you will be assigned into groups of 3 or 4 and a game will be assigned to your group. The scoring will be 7-5-3-1 on that game.

The league will consist of 6 weeks where your best 4 weeks will count towards standings. The top 50% (rounded to the nearest 8) of players will qualify for finals.

64 Player Limit!

Finals Format:
Groups of 4 players will be playing on 4 games. The top seed of each group will decide on the games they will be playing on or the order in which that player wants to play on the games. The games must consist of at least 2 classic games. Players may not pick the same game twice throughout playoffs. The scoring will be 7-5-3-1. Each groups 2 best players will move onto the next round.

Every player that plays at least 3 weeks will be qualified for world ranking points!

$60 for the whole season. $40 goes to Port City Pinball for the door fees, $20 goes to cash prizes, trophies and IFPA for ranking points. If you want to pay for each night individually it’s $15 per night with $10 to the house and $5 to prizes.
Top 4 players will get cash prizes.

Each league night, doors will open at 5:30pm and the league starts promptly at 6:30pm. This is different than our normal opening hour of 6pm. Feel free to come in early at 5:30. After league night is over, you can stick around and play games until 11pm.

Season 2 League Dates:
January 9th
January 16th
January 23rd
January 30th
February 6th
February 13th
FINALS Feb 13th

If time doesn’t allow, we will postpone finals to Feb 20th.

Parking: https://portcitypin.com/location/